What's The Easiest Way To Screw Up Your Car's Engine?

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With the summer comes car projects. Some people focus on enhancing the performance of their car and many of these people don't know what they're doing. What's the easiest way to screw up your car's engine?


This story may be apocryphal, as it appears on forums from time-to-time, but someone claims to have attempted to "port and polish" their intake using sand. Of course, this isn't a crazy idea. Many people do sandblast parts of the engine to increase air flow and performance. Those people do it while the parts are off the car. This person decided to do it while the parts were on the car. Even better, rather than using real equipment he decided to accomplish this by pouring bags of sand into the intake. It's a simple, cheap, and effective way to completely clog all your lines, screw up your exhaust system, and otherwise turn your car into scrap metal for a Chinese gymnasium.

What's the easiest way you've found to make your engine go from hero to zero?

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Pulstar plugs.

lgadbois wrote:

> Has anyone on the MB tried these new scam plugs?

Yeah, I put them on my '99. It didn't work out so well. When I tried to start it up, the vast energy release of the twenty-thousand-times more powerful spark blasted the cylinder head right through the hood, in fact it ended up in low earth orbit. You should see the hole in the roof of my garage. My car is wrecked and my wife is super pissed. Also I've been fined $50,000 by the FAA (supposedly the cylinder head on its ascent was tracked by radar as passing within 1000 feet of a commercial airliner in flight) and what's worse, a U.N. committee is convening to discuss my violation of the international ban on orbital weapons. So, like, caveat emptor, as they say.

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