What's The Easiest Newer Car To Wrench On?

“Modern cars suck, you can’t work on them!” shade tree mechanics everywhere like to lament. And they’re definitely right, just not in every single case.

It’s true that today’s cars are more complex, high tech and computerized than ever, making being your own mechanic a tougher proposition than it was decades ago. But some cars still come through with a surprising ease of self-repair.


That’s our question of the day: What new or newer-ish car is the easiest to wrench on yourself?

Our man Jason Torchinsky is an unapologetic fan of the simple Mitsubishi Mirage, and he said that when he poked around under the hood he found everything to be pretty basic and easily accessible. I wouldn’t feel intimidated wrenching on one of them either.

What other cars fit the bill?


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