What's The Cutoff Year For Japanese DOTS Cars?

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With today's Down On The Street car a mid-1980s Japanese immigrant- and having burned through most of my stockpile of BDRE (Before Datsun Rebranding Era, i.e., 1982) Japanese DOTS photos in honor of our Japan Week festivities- the time has come for us to decide just how old a Japanese car must be to make it in the series. Here in Alameda, early ADRE Japanese cars are so common that I don't really notice most of them, but maybe they've all turned to red dust in the rest of the country...


So here's your chance to vote on the matter. Pick the latest year you'd like to see for Japanese Down On The Street Cars. Naturally, anything really rare or oddball will be exempt from the year cutoff; this will apply only to the more mundane stuff.

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@jonnylieberman: I'm with you there. If you manage to find an Autozam AZ-1, you'd be performing a disservice to mankind by not posting it. And you're on the Left Coast, so there's a better chance of seeing one of those (or a Toyota Sera, the truly last interesting car they've ever built) than over here on the other side of the country. Bring on primered 300ZXs and apocalyptic Preludes!