What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen At A Stoplight?

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Cars are fun and nice but driving them means going out in public, often a horrifying experience.


What’s the weirdest, scariest or most unusual thing you’ve seen at a stoplight? Our own Tom McParland has a story:

So I was slowing down to a stop light today, with a Mazda3 in front of me. Light turns red and two girls get out of the back of the car. The girl on the driver’s side proceeds to bend over inside the car, drops her pants and has her bare ass in the air. So I’m thinking “Oh, these teens and their pranks.” Nope... as the other girl walks around the trunk the bare ass girl proceeds to take a piss right in the middle of the street. Light turns green, she has her ass still stuck in the air. Other girl proceeds to wave traffic around the car. I go into the other lane... and proceed on my way with a giant WTF look on my face.


Can you top that?

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I saw a BMW with its turn signal on once.