What's The Coolest Porsche Racing Car?

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The announcement of a hybrid Porsche racing car has prompted a lot of discussion, and it's understandable — a hybrid 911 is nothing if not provocative. When conflicted, we turn to history for comfort. What's the coolest Porsche racing car?


Stuttgart's latest track beast may be controversial, but to focus on its powertrain is to miss the larger point: Porsches are cool, and no matter their motivation, racing Porsches are even cooler. The past six decades of motorsport have seen a tremendous amount of innovation, and much of that innovation has been led by the cars from Weissach. If you had to narrow down a half-century of competition history to a single car, what would it be? The all-conquering 917? The four-cam 356? A 550? The 908LH? The possibilties are endless.


We say it's an even tie between the 917/30 and the 908/3, but then, we're Mark Donohue geeks with a Nürburgring fetish. What's the coolest Porsche racing car?

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mkbruin, Atlas VP

959 Dakar.[img][www.pasionporsche.com]]