What's The Coolest Car You've Seen Parked On The Street?

Not living in a city like Alameda, where the streets aren't covered in salt for weeks at a time, we're not often treated to pristine condition cars just sitting on the street. Despite the large size of Chicago, we'd be hard pressed to come up with something matching Murilee's brilliant and wonderful list of 200 cars down on the street in Alameda. The list instantly got us thinking about the coolest cars we've seen lying around.


The most interesting car we've seen lately was an Aston Martin Lagonda with the license plate SALIVA parked next to a convenience store. The most interesting car we've seen on the street of all time (not including auto shows) was probably a Ford Skyliner when we were younger. The owner was hanging out and even agreed to open and close the retractable hard top. It was awesome.

Some of you are luckier, live in nicer climates and are just older. What's the coolest thing you've seen down on the street, not involved in some kind of car show?

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