Those of us you who, like us, spend hours trolling Craigslist and eBay for the perfect used car have likely come across your fair share of cleverly deceptive ways to describe car problems. What's the best used car sales euphemism?

Popular these days is the concept that abusing a car is somehow a good thing. People try to describe their used car as "much loved" instead of "seriously damaged through years of misuse." The car isn't described as a "high mileage" vehicle, instead they say "I've loved putting miles on this car." Individuals selling a car have a funny concept of love.

Around here, "ran when parked" is a classic favorite. There's so much hidden within those three words. It lets you know that, at some point, it had to run. How else would it have gotten to the parking lot? It also implies that the car may still run. Who knows? The owner has decided to park the car and not go back and check to see if it still runs. It's a fun mystery.

What's your favorite Use-phamism?

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