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Many of your fellow Jalopers are contemplating trips this summer and will need some tunes to replace the Run DMC/Eagles tape they've listened to a million times. Share. What's the best summer road trip mix?

As with cars, we all have slightly different tastes in music. Broaden our horizons. Share some new stuff, share some old stuff others may not have heard. If you're musically anal retentive throw together a perfectly blended mix that rises and falls perfectly with a tempo to match the thrum of the road. If you don't have an entire mix, share a song, share an album, share an artist. Here's a pass from us, though we'll surely remember more as the day goes on:

1. "Pile Of Gold" - The Blow
2. "Mass Romantic" - The New Pornagraphers
3. "Innoculate The Innocous" - The Unicorns
4. "Mesopotamia" - The B52's
5. "Paper Planes" - MIA (Remix Ft. Bun B And Rich Boy)
6. "Boys Of Summer" - Don Henley
7. "Antichrist Television Blues" - Arcade Fire
8. "L.E.S. Artistes" - Santogold
9. "Cut Your Hair" - Pavement
10. "Oh La La" - The Faces


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