Here's the situation: Good friends of mine want a third car that will be primarily used for hauling snowboards and gear up to the mountains, as well as boxes of vino home from vino country. The car will also head down to Baja California from time to time for some Rosarito Beach margarita action. Here's the criteria: The car must be able to seat four adults and all of their weekend accoutrements in comfort. Snow boards should strap easily to the roof. Mileage should be in the 25 mpg range and total cost should be between $10,000 to $20,000. The husband asked me what I thought of the Subaru Forrester. To which I said, "Awesome. Just get the manual turbo model." Wife doesn't drive stick. So I suggested he check out the totally underrated Ford Freestyle, as it can seat six comfortably. But, it was 106 degrees out and we'd been doing Labor Day some drinking. I know you can do better.