What's The Best Six-Figure, Damp-Weather Sports Car?

Like many high-performance gew-gaws, the UK and Japan often get the good stuff, while we're left with the more economical stuff. That's the issue with the Nissan GT-R Track Pack. We don't get it, but blokes in damp places, like Chris Harris, do.

Harris says it's been raining in England for the past six weeks, and as such, tested the GT-R Track Pack on a very damp Brands Hatch — comparing it to the Porsche 911 (997) Turbo S, the upfitted GT-R's closest rival. Both cars are well suited to traction-challenged settings — maybe the best of the breed. But which one is best?


The £10,000 Track Pack option seems a bit half-hearted, adding some suspension tweaks, extra brake cooling, lighter alloys, sport front seats (and none in the back), but no extra power. In that case, the real question is, how does the GT-R compare to the still-pricier Porsche, particularly in lap times around BH, and is it worth the extra poundage over the base GT-R? Harris answers that for us. What a right chap he is.

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