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We thought Gadhafi's Rocket Car was pretty weak. We liked the spirit of using marble in a vehicle, but a V6 is ridiculous for someone who rules an oil-rich kingdom. What's the best currently-produced car for a dictator?


We know dictators of the past have had some fairly bitching rides, including Franco's Benz G4, but we're talking about the modern dictator. With so many current cars to choose from and a totalitarian with a totally unlimited budget we're looking for something better than just a Maybach.


In our minds, and with the preponderance of weaponized unmanned vehicles, we're expecting the dictator-on-the-run to need a vehicle that's stealthy and powerful. Sure, you'll want the flashy open-top limo to rub your opulence in the face of your enemies, but just because you've been "divinely chosen" doesn't mean the U.S. won't pop a sidewinder in your ass. We'd want something that blends being rich and powerful with wanting to live long enough to escape to exile in a small Pacific island nation.

Therefore we pick the Armored Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed from Texas Armoring Corp. We know for a fact this went some leader "afraid of land mines." With a custom interior from the boys in Crewe it's gorgeous on the inside, black and rather stealthy on the outside (unless you're driving through a shanty town) and is upgraded to a high level of armor that will protect it from sniper fire, mines, grenades or whatever potential coups so you can continue your ethnic cleansing education campaign. Plus, it's just so sexy.


As a side note, the first person to post a presidential limo is going to regret it, unless it's a K-Car limo.

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