What's The Best Model Car You've Ever Built?

Those without children but with normal adult lives may be unaware that we've reached LEGO's 50th Anniversary. And while we're not moved by the Speed Racer Legos, we remember back in our day creating some monster brick rides complete with jet engines, millions of lights, dozens of wheels and Road Warrior-esque weaponry. We also remember making a few sincere attempts at scale modeling, though with results we were never happy with.


It wasn't until a couple of years ago when we got an XMOD Mustang kit that we built something we were really proud of, a Black & Blue Dirt Track Special. It's a reminder that if you can't live your dreams full size, at least you can in scale. Here's your chance to completely geek out. What's the best model car, lego car, R/C car, slot car or power wheels you've ever built?

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