What's The Best Engine For This Autobianchi Bianchina Hell Project?

First of all, I know most of you are already yelling "HAYABUSA," but that's what everyone says when they see this car. We need more creative engine-swap suggestions for this fine Italian thoroughbred.


When Rich, team captain of the apeshit ridiculous Rocket Surgery Racing Renault 4CV LeMons car went to get the car that became his Index Of Effluency-winning '56 Renault from the Warehouse Of French Hell Project Doom, somehow he ended up getting an Autobianchi Bianchina as part of the deal. This tiny Fiat 500-based coupe is just bursting with Italian style, but lacks a drivetrain (or a floor, for that matter). Rich has been kicking around the idea of installing the biggest snowmobile engine he can find, based on the theory that nothing delivers power-to-weight like a two-stroke, but he seems open to much more stupid more powerful options. It goes without saying that I've been pushing for a Cadillac 500, preferably in full Eldorado-grade front-wheel-drive configuration.

Looking at the yard decor near the Bianchini, we can be assured that the end result of this unholy engine swap project will nail down Rich's position as a 33rd-degree Project Car Hell Poster Child. So what engine does it need?
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