What's The Best Cupholder Mod For Cars That Don't Have Beverage Space?

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Gif: Driving.ca (YouTube)

Now that I’ve got the wheels, tires, and suspension on my Mitsubishi Montero build right where I want them, the car’s edging closer to becoming the ultimate long hauler. But it’s missing a key component: it needs cupholders.

As a cupholder enthusiast, the beverage capacity of my overlander is important to me, and the cup holding situation in my Monty has been heartbreaking since I got the thing months ago. The closest thing this truck has to a cupholder, as other owners have discovered and been maligning for years, is a flimsy piece of plastic that occasionally protrudes from the center console.

I’ve been doing a lot of R&D on potential solutions, examined everything from cheap plastic over-the-door-frame deals from auto parts stores to Ram Mounts-based cupholders that swivel over rough terrain. (Or, rough seas, as I think those are actually designed for use on boats.)


Anyway–I’ll be sure to report back on my findings, but if anybody has intuitive solutions to unusual automotive problems it’s the Jalopnik commentariat. So here’s hoping somebody will have some cool homemade cupholder tech they’ll be willing to share with us.

Expect a thrilling update on whatever solution I end up landing on in the near future!