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What's The Best City To Drive In?

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Cars are hardly the ideal solution to urban transportation, and city traffic can make even the most diehard gearhead long for an alternative. But sometimes there is no other alternative, and some cities themselves aren’t even that bad for driving.


We’re all for innovative transportation solutions that are better for the environment, easier to use, cheap, and make driving suck less for people who choose to drive. Though when it comes to driving in a city, I’m sure there are some we’d pick over other ones.

That’s our question of the day: What’s the best city to drive in? Or at least, the easiest?


Our initial answers were “Not New York” and “Not Washington D.C.”, and Stef, Alanis and I will add “Not Austin,” but Detroiter David Tracy suggested the Motor City:

Detroit ain’t bad. No cops. You can rip burnouts all you want.

He added, “LOL.”

Of course, the tradeoffs for Detroit driving, at least as I’ve experienced them, are snow and potholes. But hey, no city is perfect, right?

Tell us your top city picks if you have to be stuck in a car.

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As Du Volant

The Kangbashi New Area (often referred to as just Ordos, though it’s technically a part of Ordos) in China.

It’s a huge city that was never more than sparsely inhabited since it was built. Miles upon miles of wide, empty highways for your driving pleasure.