What's The Best Cheap Future Collector Car?

CNN Money, of all outlets, put together a surprisingly good list of 10 dirt cheap collectible cars, including the Pacer, Spitfire, and early SHO. But we know you can do better. What's the best cheap future collector car?

Collectors tend to look for rarity, desirability, story and uniqueness. Given the prospects for a successful Saab of the future we're going to say the original Saab 900 16V Turbo three-door (especially SPG) is going to be a great collectors car that is, in most cases, fairly cheap right now. It's rare because they're not easy to maintain and they didn't make a ton of them. They're relatively quick for cars of the era and look awesome and thus are desirable. Story? Who has a better/worse story than Saab? As for unique, it's a turbocharged three-door Swedish hatchback. Hard to top it. This SPG on eBay Motors needs a lot of love, but is only $2,500 (to start with).


We're already prepping our barn for the find of the future, what should our broke selves fill it with?

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(Hat tip to Erikotis for the suggestion!)

Photo Credit: Komar.org

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