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I'm not saying that anyone here would date someone just because of the car they drove, but I will say that it wouldn't surprise me if someone had. One of the perks of dating, if you're a car nut, is that you now have access to another set of wheels. Usually, this means access to a Honda Accord or Ford Taurus. Woo hoo! But every now and then the universe gives us a break. For a while in college, my girlfriend piloted a big red Dodge Ram work truck that I did my best to borrow. Though it only had the Magnum V6, and therefore labored up hills, there's something about driving a truck around Central Texas that just feels right.


The best was a different girlfriend (a very different girlfriend) that had access to her dad's rotating fleet of enjoyable cars: Corvette Z06, BMW 330ci, V8 Crown Vic, 5-Series Bimmer and that M3. Oh that M3. In the end we were too dysfunctional to last, but those cars sure made me and my Escort hatch want to make it work. Such is life. What was the best car you ever dated? What's the one that got away?


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