What's The Best Car To Destroy?

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My Internet connection is being crappy today, and it's put me in the mood to destroy something. Unfortunately, I can't actually go and destroy something, as that would be destructive, but I can think of a few things I'd like to punch.

If you're going to ruin a car, you can't just take a hammer to it and be done with it. No, first you need to drive it until it dies, and give it the proper hoon-beating it deserves. Then you can commence with the physicalities. It shouldn't just be a car that would fall apart in two seconds, either, as you don't want the sport to be over too quickly.

Personally, I'd take something from the Malaise Era. Those cars tended to be made out of heavy iron and cheap plastic, so you can feel like you knocked some stuff off without doing too much real damage. Plus, it's bound to be cheap so you'd only be hurting metal instead of your wallet.


We should always remember to be respectful of our automobiles, and safe in all of our endeavors, but if you could take it all out on a car though, which would it be?


Photo credit: Lexie Lannom