What's The Best Car-Themed Computer Desktop Wallpaper?

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My awesome Mad Men desktop wallpaper is getting a little crusty and I'd like my next choice more Jalopnik-themed. Help me choose my next wallpaper — what's the best car-themed computer wallpaper photo?

Ideally, I'd like a photo not so complicated it makes it impossible to find something on my desktop but also not so boring I fall asleep when I look at it. I use this thing in professional settings, so nothing I'd have to cover up while in public. I'm not a 12-year-old boy, so a picture of a pimped-out Escalade will not do. Because I've got Jalopnik pride I want a photo which has, at the very least, appeared on our site (though it doesn't have to be one of our shots). I want somthing creative. We'll post the best responses in a gallery for you all to peruse this weekend while I make up my mind.

Here's are some helpful links:

Feel free to post a small version of the picture in the comments but please don't post the full wallpaper. Just link back to the original gallery image. Don't make us have to turn images off! Happy hunting.


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