What's The Best Car Bred By Communism?

Outstanding news, fellow workers! The comrades at Gawker Media voted in favor of forming a union yesterday, the first of its kind in the online news world! Now we shall all partake in the glorious sharing of universal rights, press cars, sexual partners and break room snacks! (I think that’s what all this was about, anyway.)

In honor of this monumental occasion that probably means absolutely nothing to you as a reader, let’s ask this as our question of the day: What was the greatest car bred under communism?


Me, I’m a fan of China’s Hongqi limousines, the ride of choice for party leaders everywhere. One of the newest ones can be had for the low, low price of about $800,000 in U.S. currency. It’s for the people, you know.

What about you, other united members of the proletariat? What’s your favorite car from a communist state?

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