What's The Best Automotive Event To Spectate?

I like to consider myself something of a “professional spectator”. I have spent the past few years traveling both locally and flying across borders to be on the sidelines of some of the world’s most famous motorsport events as well as smaller, grass-root style events.

Just last weekend I spent 14 hours driving a probably unroadworthy Porsche 944 back and forth to Newry Maine to spectate a couple stages at New England Forest Rally. But as for the best event? I’ll tell you that from where I’ve gone so far, my pick would probably be the 24 Hours of Le Mans. From the culture and history that surrounds it to the racing that goes on, there’s nothing else that I’ve been to that can even come close.


So let me ask you, what do you think the best events are to spectate? It could be a car festival, a car show, an auction, a race, whatever. Put it down below and if you have a story from one, let’s hear it!

Photo credit: Aaron Brown/Jalopnik

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