Last month, James May bought his Significant Other a brown 1971 Triumph 2000 Saloon, because he appreciates "a proper girl in a terrible old car" and felt that she'd "see the cultural relevance of brown."

As Davey Johnson has made very clear, there's something special about brown cars, and as for a brown British Leyland product… well, it's very much of its time. For reasons we have a hard time understanding, May's woman
lacked enthusiasm for the gift, so now the Triumph is part of his own fleet.
That brings up the question: What Detroit vehicle is the counterpart to the brown Triumph 2000 MkII? The vehicle the well-intentioned American or Canadian car geek would buy his or her S.O. in order to share not-quite-ironic-enough appreciation for such things? Perhaps a two-tone 1975 Mercury Cougar XR7?