What's More Terrifying Than Lumber Flying Through Your Windshield? Probably Nothing

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A man in Meridian, Idaho this morning was seriously injured after living through a nightmare scenario for many of us: a giant piece of lumber came flying through his windshield while he was driving on the highway. You can't see it because Internet, but I'm cringing as I type this.


KVTB in Idaho reports that the unnamed man was driving on Interstate 84 around 8 a.m. local time when a board possibly came loose from a truck and crashed through his windshield. He was badly injured, police told the TV station.

Now, the Idaho State Police are looking for clues as to how this happened. Anyone with information is asked to call them. No word in the story if they will press charges against the driver who loosed the board, but I could see that happening, especially if they didn't stop to render aid.


Are you guys as afraid of this as I am? It's happened before and seems terrifying. How do you even avoid something like this?

Hat tip to Dave

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"How do you even avoid something like this?"

I've got a novel concept. Don't tailgate!

Not only can you avoid rear ending someone.. projectiles loose height and speed as they "glide carefree" though the air. Not to mention if you are not in that 8am morning commute haze you may actually be able to "dodge" said object.

And I use 'The “2×4 through the windshield” video was real' as my example of why tailgating is not safe. I'd much rather have the radiator or other piece of my car take that impact and not my face.