What's It Like To Road Race An Automatic-Equipped Mitsubishi Mirage?

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It's fun, that's what it is! Somewhat slow fun, granted, but the crazy body roll and music blasting from the roof-mounted PA speakers compensate for the lack of power.


Last weekend, I conned the Cajun JiHadis into installing my CheapoCam video gear in their Mirage (the same setup used to get the in-car video footage from the Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane at the Goin' For Broken LeMons a few weeks ago), and the result should give you a pretty good picture of what LeMons racing at No Problem Raceway was like. First, here's a short clip showing the Rebel Z Datsun 280ZX losing and then recovering control during a pass of the Mirage:

I've put together a sort of Cajun Jihad highlight reel here, starting with their grand entrance to the track and continuing with footage from the camera in front- and rear-facing orientation:

Want to see how an Organizer's Choice-winning team spends Saturday night at a LeMons race?

Because it's so good, I'm going to include a Goin' For Broken video here. The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys caught some good hoonage on their PeugeotCam. Note the unsuccessful PIT attempt by the '65 Mustang:


Just waiting for my WRX to depreciate enough to enter the Altamont 2012 race. Looks like fun!