What's It Like To Drive A 700-hp Toyota Supra?

Remember that movie about moving at a high rate of speed while being, er, angrily frenzied? I forget what it was called. Either way, that movie made legend of the tuned Mk4 Toyota Supra. But what's it like to drive one of those things?

In this episode of Tuned, Matt Farah tests out a Supra tuned by Florida-based Titan Motorsports. Not just tuned, mind you, but restored from the unibody up, and then outfitted with 700 hp.


Of course, if you're not the cinematic type, you know Titan Motorsports for their insane, nine-second Supra, which had quite a run in NHRA's Street Tire Class with Mark Mazurowski at the helm, starting in 2002.

So these guys can make a hell of a drag car. But what about a cherried-out street car? Let's find out, shall we?

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