What Would You Trade In A Bugatti Veyron For?

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Yesterday, a West Texas oil magnate traded in his $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron for a Corvette ZR1 (and some cash). Today, we want to know: what would you trade in a Bugatti Veyron for?

We'd have to agree with Mr. Beal in his choice of a Corvette ZR1... as a place to start.


We'd begin with a Corvette ZR1 but we'd want them to throw in something to use when we have to transport friends. Why not a Cadillac CTS-V? And a CTS SportWagon for travel. And if you're at a GM dealership already might as well attach a Camaro SS for errands, a Silverado 2500 HD for those big household projects we keep putting off. The wife would probably be happy with an SRX Turbo and the Malibu was practically built for grandparents. One for each. An HHR SS panel van? That's just for fun and still leaves around a half-a-million for a new garage, gas, insurance, a host of old weird European cars, a few Fords (to balance out the Chevys), and enough cash to stop writing about cars for a living and start driving them, all day, all the time, for a couple of years.

We've just handed you at least a cool million to trade-in (not sell outright) at any U.S. dealership of your choice. What choices will you make?


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