What Would You Track, Crush And Keep?

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For today's question we're going to mix things up with our version of FMK and ask you what cars would you: take to the track, send to the crusher and keep forever?

While the original game involves getting three choices and having to make a tough decision (for instance: Megan Fox, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio), we're going to open up this first round to everyone to pick the cars they'd ideally like to take to the track, send to the crusher and keep forever. No limits. Here are some of our choices:

Track: Corvette ZR1
Crush: Lincoln MKX
Keep: 2009 Subaru WRX

Track: SR20DET-equipped Datsun 510
Crush: Toyota Corolla
Keep: Ford Focus RS

Track: Caterham R500
Crush: Dodge Caliber
Keep: Audi S8

Track: Audi R8 V10
Crush: Toyota Highlander
Keep: Buick GNX

This is just a start and, if it's fun, maybe we'll throw in some future variables. (Hat tip to Mike and his girlfriend!)


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