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The original La Carrera Panamerica was one of the most dangerous and exciting races in the world and they still race pre-1965 cars across Mexico. The next rally kicks off tomorrow so what would you race in La Carrera Panamerica?

Remember, this was the race that made the 300SL famous, and you still can't choose a car newer than 1965. And as much as this is about "winning" it's just as much about looking great and bringing together classic metal. Style points are important.


Since you are racing across Mexico, and it's not like there's a Citgo station on every corner, we're going with the 1940 Ford Business Man's Coupe. It looks gorgeous, with proportions that are both classic and yet unique. Making it standout against rods of the era is the enormous trunk (ostensibly for the gear businessmen carry with them), perfect for carrying a large gas tank, spares, and weapons with which to fend off lower level drug cartel militiamen. Sure, the 85 HP Flathead V8 probably won't send you into first place, but this is why motor swaps were invented.

What about you? What vintage metal would you race south-of-the-border, down Mexico way?

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