What Would You Drive If You Had Mark Zuckerberg's Money?

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Mark Zuckerberg drives a Volkswagen GTI. It's kind of the automotive equivalent of a nice hoodie – practical, relatively inexpensive, comfortable. It's perfect for him, actually.


Personally, I think he made a great choice. Maybe that's because I own a Mk 6 GTI, too. Some of you, however, think with all of the money he's made Facebooking, he should have splurged more. Once again, you guys go weirder.

My X-type is too a real Jaguar:

If I had his pile of money, I would daily drive something extremely strange, maybe a fully restored Lincoln Mark V, or something else from the "Pimp" era.



Either way, wire wheels.


I would drive a tractor to work, because I can.


70s Monte Carlo with the swivel seats. I have dubbed them "pimp-assist" seats. You are pretty much straight baller if you have one of those.


This is why you're not gazillionaires. (But let me know if you are and what you bought!)


Photo: Getty Images