Santa Claus is depicted as piloting a sled pulled by reindeer, a vehicle not impressive since the 18th century. The Germans have Kringle in a Focus RS. Given the world-traveling requirements for space, speed and style what would Santa drive?

There are a lot of vehicles we considered that were too heavy because, c'mon, you don't want to have an LM002 come crashing through your roof on Christmas Eve. Given an unlimited budget and a team of elven assistants it's hard not to love the 2CV Breadvan Ferrari. That's right, the space and classic delivery stance of the Citroën 2CV mated to nothing less than a Ferrari F355 chassis. This particular vehicle will get you from one end of Christendom to the other before you can say Pere Noel. And with 380 horsies, Blitzen and Donner can take an early retirement.


What do you think? You just got the job as the North Pole's main car guy. What would Santa Drive?

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