What Would Guy Lafleur Drive?

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As '70's Montreal was the only place ever where as a horrified youngster we saw grown men wearing fur coats, it seems only fitting that Alfa Romeo chose the city as the moniker for its V-8 powered coupe of the same name. The combination of 200 V-8 horsepower and quad-cam Italian styling defines the seventies in automobile form in a way only Alfa Romeo could achieve. The Alfa Romeo Montreal was first rolled out as a prototype at the 1967 Montreal EXPO, and later in pre-production form at the 1970 Geneva Auto Show. Even though Montreal Canadiens legend and later NHL Ambassador Guy Lafleur evidently had a deal for a new Chevrolet every year, we think he should have been driving a Montreal while playing for the Canadiens.

The Alfa Montreal Website [alfamontreal.info]

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As an ambassador I think it only fitting that he should have driven an Ambassador, at least for his official duties. A 4 door AMC sedan won't pull in the ladies, though, even with a fur coat, so that Alfa is a good backup.

Is that really Guy Lafleur in the pic? It looks like Alki Stereopolis.