Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher turns 45 today, officially making her an attractive, older woman who dates younger men, i.e., a cougar. So in honor of Lois Lane, we're asking: what would a cougar drive?

In her married days, when she was just a MILF, she had to drive around in her cute little Mercedes GLK. It was good for picking up the kids, dropping off his dry cleaning and attacking the country club. But since discovering him with the au pair, she's ditched the SUV for a Jaguar XK convertible. It's sexy and fast, but also large and comfortable. It's foreign in the English, feminine way instead of the German, masculine style. She doesn't want an XKR because she doesn't know what a supercharger is, and she wants a car with an automatic transmission because she can't drive a stick. But she definitely wants to super charge your stick.

Coo coo cao choo comentariat and tell us: what would a cougar drive?

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Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images