A Chrysler bankruptcy will more than likely be filed today, with Fiat picking carrion-bird-like at the automakers remains. That got us thinking about what a re-badged Fiat future would look like. The answer? It's grim.

You might be asking yourself why there are two re-badged Pandas in the group, but we think Fiat would send one of it's cheaper utilitarian vehicles to the Chrysler folks for some brand cross-pollination, while the nicer, sweeter-tuned Bravo would take the helm as a sub-300C Chrysler. Why the lack of a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep branded hipster Fiat 500? Mark our words; there is no way Fiat is dumb enough to dilute the 500's image by re-badging it. If we'll ever see the little MINI-fighting Cinquecento, it'll be branded as a Fiat. And that's that.


What are some of your ideas for this proposed American-Italian love fest? Feel free to drop some ideas into the comments below. We know you're itching to do it.