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Back when the Tesla Model 3 was first unveiled in March, company CEO Elon Musk said that what we saw then wasn’t quite the production model. Musk said that things were going to change, especially on the inside. We might learn what’s changing tonight.


Or we might not! We really don’t know. The announcement is set for tonight at 8 p.m. ET, and Tesla’s been pretty vague about what it’s about. But Musk did hint that it has to do with the Model 3:

I think it’s about the interior, and specifically, about the steering system. I’m speculating here, sure, but it’s not like we’re going on nothing.

Back in April, Musk promised that the lack of a dashboard in the initial Model 3 prototype would make sense at some point:


And furthermore, it’s got something to do with the steering wheel. Or the lack of a wheel. Or the brain implants that you will now have to use to control your small family sedan:


Or maybe you just drive it with your knees? We’ve seen prototypes being driven, and they actually seem to be steered like any other car.


In all seriousness, it might be some autonomy system. Or maybe there’s a weird joystick thing. Or not. All of our theories kind of suck right now.

Also, no, we don’t know why he’s trying to bury this thing an hour before the last presidential debate. Or why it’s just going to be a press release with a 30-minute media question-and-answer session, when Tesla has shown a fondness for big, live extravaganzas in the past.


Anyways, if you’ve got a theory about what the hell Part Two of the Model 3 is, leave it in the comments below. Or if you actually know, email us. Our line is always open.

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