What Will Be The Last Naturally Aspirated Performance Car?

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With the announcement of Ferrari's turbocharged replacement for the 458, the 488 GTB, and the news that all nearly all 911s will become turbocharged, it's clear that the days of the naturally aspirated performance car are numbered.


I'm not saying this to wax poetic and eulogize natural aspiration, because forced induction ensures that we can have performance cars that keep the government and the environment happy. With stalwarts like Ferrari and Porsche going for turbos, I just can't help but wonder who will be the last holdout.

My best guess would be Lamborghini, for two reasons. The first is that they can lean on the other VW Group members so they don't have to worry about fleet fuel economy as much (though, the same could be said for Ferrari). The second is that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann seems to be hesitant to change.

Somehow I have a more difficult time imagining a turbocharged Lamborghini than a turbocharged Ferrari or Porsche.


So what do you think? What will be the last performance car without forced induction?

Top Photo Credit: Jalopnik

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