What Were The Best And Worst Cars You Drove In 2016?

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2016 is, thankfully, almost over. All the best musicians died, very few of the movies were any good, and global fascism appears to be hip and cool again. But! The cars we Jalops drove were great. And also bad. Now we want to hear how your driving year went.

As the year winds down and much of our staff is on a break, I figured I’d turn it over to you fine readers to hear about the best and worst cars you drove over the past 12 months.


Maybe it was your own car, a good and nice car you love to drive daily. Maybe it was an exotic supercar you somehow talked your way into. Maybe you bought something old or new and made a dream come true.

Conversely, I’d love to hear what your worst experiences in cars were. Did you drive any duds? Still stuck in an unreliable crapwagon you can’t get rid of? Did you rent a Nissan Versa at the airport? Did your beloved dream car turn into a nightmare?

Give us your best and worst. We’re here to listen.

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