What Were The Best And Worst Cars At The Detroit Auto Show?

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All of the big debuts from the Detroit Auto Show have now had the literal sheet pulled off of them. Some of them were great, some of them were ok, and some of them weren't good at all.

What did you think were the big winners and losers?

Everywhere you look you'll see that the 2014 Corvette has been deemed the star of the auto show. I tend to agree, it was the biggest deal debut of the whole show. It looks great, inside and out. I can't judge how it will be to drive just by looking at it, but it would be foolish to expect it'll suck.


Personally, I dig a surprise, and I was not expecting an appearance from the Audi RS7, a car that I am still willing to purchase in exchange for organs and extremities. A 560 horsepower turbo V8 in that sexy body? Yes please.


As for the worst car I saw? That probably has to go to the Acura MDX. I thought it was going to be great based on the teaser illustration. What we ended up with was an MDX with 10 headlights, which jives with Acura's new design language of "cram as many headlights in as possible and call it a day."


But what about you? What did you loathe and love in Detroit? Let us know below.