What Was The Hardest Time You Had Selling A Car?

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Selling cars can be a fun experience or a major thorn in your backside. What was the hardest time you had selling a car?


I tend to have a pretty easy and enjoyable time selling vehicles. The pricing and level of detail in my ads generally mean that I can have a vehicle sold within 24 hours, if not a few days. But my fiancée has been trying to sell her $600 Dodge Dakota for a month and the process is painful to watch.

Why is she getting rid of this truck so soon? As I explained in my post about Chicago’s cheapest Volkswagen Touareg, the Dakota’s 5.2-liter V8 engine is worn out, guzzling gas and smoking like a diesel. The Touareg gets better fuel economy while towing a trailer in a headwind. Oof.

We got a bunch of fun road trips out of it and even did some solid parts hauling, but the hilariously bad fuel economy and smoking practically keeps her up at night.

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In the month she’s tried selling it, the most common problem was people messaging without looking at the pictures or reading the description. One person even demanded a written warranty stating the truck is as perfect as when it left the factory. Huh? Other people have tried offering oddball trades like guns, broken tools and a Chevy K5 Blazer, albeit one rotting out in a field.

So I’ve taken over the selling process and decided to chase after weird buyers: the people running beaters on the Gambler 500. I’ve found a buyer and it’ll probably become a mud truck or farm truck. Perfect.


What was the hardest time you had selling a car? Is there a car that you just couldn’t sell?

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Sid Bridge

In 1999 I bought a 1991 Corvette (obnoxious teal with a 6-speed) with less than 60k miles. It was a great car, but I got married and I also had my 1968 Cutlass, so I had to sell it and get something a bit more practical for having a kid. (And I will NEVER sell my Cutlass).

Selling a low mileage C4 Corvette in 2001 proved to be really hard. It was old enough that nobody was going to finance it, and worth too much for most people to buy with cash. Compared to newer cars, it wasn’t fast enough to attract enthusiasts. I actually ended up trading it for another car plus some cash and turned around and sold the other car. It was not optimal. I probably would have been better off getting a beater and sticking the Corvette in a garage somewhere for a while.