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Like many young car lovers we first fell in love with the exotic high dollar cars we saw on television and hung on our walls. Shortly thereafter, like many young car lovers we realized the closest we were going to get to the expensive supercars we lusted after were staring at posters and watching them on TV.


This weekend we want to know about the first car you dreamed of owning that you actually had/have a chance of owning. Even if you don't have it in the garage yet, what was the first car you loved after you realized you probably wouldn't be driving around in a purple Diablo (insert your own youthful dream supercar here) when you turned 16. What was the first realistic project car of your dreams?

In the neighborhood I grew up in there were three interesting cars—a red late 70s Corvette, a 1969 Camaro in permanent driveway project car hell status and a Meyers-Manx clone Dune Buggy. Not yet aware of the fact I was destined to own more RWD V8 GM products than I could imagine, I only had dreams of a Dune Buggy identical to the one I occasionally saw cruising my neighborhood.


Although a Dune Buggy dominated my young automotive dreams for several years, like most things, as I got older my automotive focus changed. By the time I got close enough to driving age that I could sell the idea of something old and rusty in the yard I had already moved on to a finned Mopar infatuation that haunts me to this day. Still, whenever I see a Dune Buggy cruising on a sunny day I get a pang of youthful jealousy and think back to the first semi-realistic object of my automotive infatuation.

What was the first realistic project car of your dreams?

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