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What was the coolest car built the year you were born?

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A step past the quarter century mark tomorrow has this weekend editor with birth days and years on the mind. Some people use impending birthdays as an occasion to get introspective, while others use it as a good excuse to decide which of the vehicles available brand new in their birth year were the most excellent, or least terrible. What was the coolest car built the year you were born?


In 1985 the malaise era was over, cars were slowly becoming interesting again and I made my world debut. Also introduced that year was the Tune Port Injection system featured on my pick for the coolest car of 1985, the Chevrolet Corvette. With TPI, the 'Vette's 350 V8 was able to produce a then impressive 230 horsepower while proving Chevrolet could design and build(most of the time) a fuel injected engine that wasn't terrible. Sure the interiors were crappy and the wheels were ugly, but you can still register similar complaints about a brand new Corvette 26 years later.

You've heard about the Tune Port Injected Corvette I think was the best '85 had to offer, so what do you think was the coolest car built the year you were born?

Photo Credit: Flyinace2000

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Alex Devlin


All of you young-uns posting cars from the '90s for fack sake are making me feel old.

Then again, us old-uns have a lot nicer cars to choose from. Back when the cars being born became classics. You young guys have what... a *Prius? LOL

Oh. So sad for you all.

*- I am aware that there are a lot of really nice cars around just now and some of them will become classics in their own right. But that would take away my point of gloating about how the cars of years ago were better and that there is a good reason to be old and not young and full of life like so many of you.

Also, f-you all who don't remember a car without a CD player or a world without the internet... :-P

And... keep of my damn grass.