What Was So Special About 1957?

Why is it that the '57 Chevy, rightly or not, is regarded as some sort of pinnacle for Detroit? Or, for that matter, 1957 in general? The Gray Lady took al crack at that question yesterday, and her article is packed full of interesting facts (e.g., 10% of 1957 Chevrolets built are still driving today). But '57 wasn't just about the Chevy; at the time, the not-much-changed-from-1956 car seemed a bit lackluster next to Ford's all-new lineup (featuring an optional supercharged 312 engine) or Chrysler's stunning horsepower ratings (an optimistically rated 375-horse Hemi). And, as we all know, the following year's crop out of Detroit just didn't look as good (though we dig crazy fins, of course).

Fifty, Finned and Fabulous [New York Times (sub. req.)]

Jet Ace! Ramjet Fuel Injection For The '57 Chevy [internal]


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