We're fairly convinced that Jalopnik is actually just a self help group for those suffering withdrawals from lack of hot bedroom poster action. We were all there, which is why we're all here. I actually still have one with a red 308, a white Countach and a black 911 that says "Dreams" at the bottom. I also still have a promo poster from the local Porsche dealer which showed an airborne 911 complete with a plate that reads, "LIEBERMAN" in hot blue dot matrix. I had the above Countach, plus another Countach in white. I had a Porsche 959, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage (though I am pretty sure that was torn from Car & Driver rather than an actual poster), the Benetton F1 team, a Corvette ZR-1, an LM002 (also torn from a magazine), an F40, a Testarosa and at least 3 Shelby Cobras. I also had a 288 GTO poster, though I am sure at the time I thought it was a 308. Quite possibly more. Oddly, I also had the then current gen III Quattroporte, but I was a weird kid.

As far as non-car posters went, Kathy Ireland, Cindy Crawford and a SR-71 Blackbird all spring to mind. Oh, and I had the most righteous Beastie Boys/RUN DMC "Together For Ever" poster that my little sister tore down in a fit of rage. I'm still pissed at her come to think of it. You?