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What Vehicle Trim Needs To Be Offered That Isn't Already?

Illustration for article titled What Vehicle Trim Needs To Be Offered That Isnt Already?

The Kia Soul is a funky looking hatchback, that according to television, is driven primarily by overgrown hamsters that like hip hop. That is a very narrow demographic, but it seems humans buy them too. The problem is the Soul has the most ridiculous trim names, and it is time Kia added one more.


If you go to you can configure your Soul in one of three trims. “Base” for $16,015 and it’s fairly self explanatory as it comes with a nice array of standard features such as XM radio, Bluetooth, four-wheel disc brakes and not much else in terms of goodies. An automatic transmission will add another $2,000. Now suppose you wanted to “add” more power and features such as cruise control, remote keyless entry and, 17 inch wheels. That means you have to step up to the “+” trim for $19,515.

But wait... what if you got excited to own a new Soul... like, really excited... so excited you’re willing to drop $21,615 so you can have yourself 18” wheels, LEDs and UVO (whatever the hell that is). My friend, you need the “!” trim...and so you can tell everyone “I DRIVE A SOUL!”


This is all very cool, but Kia has an opportunity here to offer something totally different. May I present the “?” trim. It would have a fixed price...say $1,000. Enough that you could get some really nice features, but not too much to scare people off.

But here is the catch... you have no idea what you will get. It could be navigation or just a set of floor mats. The Soul is supposed to be one of those hip cars for the millennials, and if I know millennials, I’m pretty sure they like surprises.

They could even get all existential with it.

“I have a SOUL?”

So what trim is missing from an automaker’s lineup?

If you have a question, a tip, or something you would like to to share about car-buying, drop me a line at and be sure to include your Kinja handle.


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The vehicle trim of absolutely nothing. No trim levels. Just all a la carte options. You want heated seats? Boom. No optioning up to a trim with a bunch of other shit you don’t want.