What Vehicle Should Be The Next Batmobile?

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We've got us a new Batman, and it's Ben Affleck. Like any good Batman, he's gonna need a badass set of wheels. Any ideas?


For the record, I'm not as vehemently anti-Affleck as some. I've liked everything he's done recently, like Argo and The Town. Yes, Daredevil was a shitty movie, but that was 10 years ago, and it was shitty for a lot of reasons besides Affleck's performance. I'm cautiously willing to give him a shot.

Anyway, if he's going to fight crime and square off against Superman, he'll need a great Batmobile. The Internet reeled when they first saw the Tumbler — described as a cross between a Hummer and a Lamborghini — until they saw it in action. It was fast, it could go anywhere, and it was heavily armored.


So what should Affleck's Batmobile be? Should it be something more car-based, like an extremely modified Nissan GT-R? A retro throwback to the Futura-based car from the 1960s TV show? Maybe an adaptation of some kind of military vehicle? Maybe drop four wheels for two, like the electric stealth motorcycle?


Let us know how you think Batman should roll in his next movie. It doesn't have to be a car. Go nuts!

Photo credit AP/Warner Bros