The Carpocalypsehas now claimed the Acura NSX program and possibly the G8 ST. More cuts unfortunately appear to be coming. Instead of cars like these, which vehicle programs should carmakers cancel?

We mostly like where GM product was going before they halted everything and Ford has some interesting vehicles in the pipeline for Detroit. As far as we can tell, Chrysler has no realistic new car development programs to cancel — although today's embargoed press event may prove otherwise (we highly doubt it). But, if there's one vehicle we see as both ill-timed and ill-conceived it is the Rolls Royce RR4 or "Baby Rolls" being produced by Rolls Royce/BMW.

Though the company is going to be saving some money by sharing parts with the current 7-series, the money could be better spent elsewhere. In this economy you do well either by trying to squeeze more money from the über rich customers who can still afford your existing product, a la Maserati, or reach out to the value-minded. With dwindling stock portfolios and plummeting home values, it seems more likely someone will trade down from a 7-series to a 5-series and not up from a 7-series up to a Rolls Royce. Rather than trying to create a larger footprint like Jaguar did with their X-type, BMW should be using its serious luxury brand to make it even more seriously luxurious.


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