What Vehicle Changed Your Long-Held Opinions?

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If there’s one thing that’s true about people passionate about something, it’s that they’ve probably got strong opinions that are tough as hell to change. Whether that’s your opinion on a football team or your exceptional hatred for certain foods, we’ve all been there. But I want to know something different. I want to know what vehicle changed your mind.


Let me give you an example. I have traditionally been of the opinion that small hatchbacks are the best cars on the market. I have spent hours arguing this point with my husband, who thinks I am a fool. I was confident I’d go to the grave with that opinion.

Then I drove a Power Wagon and I realized it’s actually kind of nice to drive a big ol’ truck. I’m no pure convert to the truck club, but there was something very pleasant about driving a vehicle that didn’t make me worry about my mortality if I were to hit something. At that point, I kind of got it. I still have strong opinions about the value of my Mazda 2, but man, potholes no longer mattered to me. For one whole week, I was a god among men.

I’m sure you fine folks have had similar revelations at some point in your life, so let’s hear ‘em. What vehicle forced you to reconsider your automotive opinions? 

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My first Japanese car (1986 MR2 purchased in 1997) showed me that my previous love and evangelism of the quality and caliber of Volkswagens was based on ignorance and stupidity.