What Vehicle Best Represents The Place You Live?

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Spend as much time thinking about cars as we do and it seems only natural to start using specific vehicular traits to describe idiosyncrasies of people, places and things that have little to do with cars.


This weekend we're concerned with the places part of that equations. What best represents the place you currently live? Whether the streets are flooded with a particular kind of car or your environment happens to remind you of a certain vehicle for various reasons, we want to know about it.

They might not be the first vehicles that come to mind when I think of the peninsula turned man-made island where I grew up and currently live but vintage Jaguars and the associated ownership experience draw an appropriate parallel to living on Cape Cod.

They're beautiful, they're expensive, and depending on which model you opt for they can be a high brow status symbol or just proof you are slightly odd and a little masochistic. Regardless of which vintage Jagggg you choose, it's always a lot easier to understand why you opt for the unique experience of owning one on a warm summer day.

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Patrick George

Austin, west of I-35.