What two cars are like twins separated at birth?

Imagine a pair of twins raised by different parents in different places, and yet they still look similar and seem familiar. For this question, assume we have a time machine too. What two cars are like twins separated at birth?

And we mean fraternal or identical — and leaving aside corporate badge engineering (those guys were "raised" in the same house). For this, we're turning back the clock to the 1970s, to compare two twinlike cars that shared a decade. The E21 BMW 3-Series and the 1975-1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. Ok, so one's a coupe, the other a sedan, one's Italian, the other German, one was fairly robust, the other rusted to powder in six years. But they both share a similar size, face, penchant for stickiness around corners and, for the obscurists among us, Bosch fuel-injection. Reunited, and it feels so good.

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