What They Mean By 'Never Lift'

(Image via desertracingvideos/Instagram, jerrylarimore/Instagram)
(Image via desertracingvideos/Instagram, jerrylarimore/Instagram)
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Ever ever heard “when in doubt, throttle out?” Sure you have. Probably from a guy crushing a can of Bud Light on his forehead right before rolling his Jeep backwards down a hill. That said, there is truth to this ethos. As you’ll see here.


I hadn’t heard of Jerry Larimore before seeing this video but he obviously has great taste in paint and apparently balls of steel. You can see his Class 1400 trick truck catch air, land hard enough to eject a spare tire, get all kinds of unsettled, and basically flail its way through a quarter mile of desert like a decapitated chicken.

Here it is again in slow-motion:

So how did he recover from that sketchy-ass landing? From the looks of it, pretty much by mashing the gas.

While the front of the truck goes lolling like drunk giraffe the rear tires putting power down stay pretty much planted and own the vehicle’s stability while the rest of the truck comes back to reality.


I don’t know if Larimore meant to do that, but it seemed to work out for him pretty well. So what are you going to do next time you’re in doubt? Throttle out!

Your results may vary.

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