What the Hoot Page? Watt has Righteous Bro Blog 'Bout Hydrogen Stations Near Reykjavik While Touring w/ Stooges

And then it it all comes full circle... There's little we enjoy more than reading Watt's (increasingly) unique Pedro-speak concerning all things that exist in the form of Watt. But, given the "energy diversity" that all the big carmakers are struggling to achieve, well, this is time and place appropriate to us car-blogging types. As the Stooge's Icelandic tour driver explains;

"on our way out of reykjavik we saw the first hydrogen fuel station in the world. the icelandic government along with daimler chrystler, the eu, reykjavik city and more have the past three or four years been trying hydrogen driven city busses in hopes to be able to have the whole bus fleet in reykjavik hydrogen driven by the year 2027 (i think it was)."


A little bit of google-action confirms Mikko's spiel. DCX is (re)fueling select Sprinter vans and city buses with "the ultimate fuel." While not news, it is new to us. Of course, us being us, we're just as amazed that Iggy Pop lives in Miami.

iggy pop + the stooges | in iceland and europe | may to june 2006 [Hoot Page]

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